Rise in crime due to pandemic

The covid 19 pandemic brought with it a stay-at-home order that unprecedentedly affected the world resulting in controlled movements. This pandemic drastically affected the social interaction and economic lives of people living all over the world. It essentially affected the entirety of human living including the crime rate; experts in the area of criminology opine that lockdowns usually create an atmosphere that causes crime to increase and ironically also causes crime to decrease. Generally, the rate of crime seemed to take a downturn during the pandemic, however, there has been a reported increase in shootings and homicides. Factually speaking, the first month of the Covid 19 pandemic saw a decrease in crime by 23%, specifically, the decrease in property and violent crimes was by 19%. This situation remained so even during the period when the lockdown was eased. It can be correctly concluded that the drop in crime rate occurred as a result of the fact that there was decreased mobility. This decrease in the crime rate began before the lockdown and continued even after the lockdown was eased, which can be traced to the fact that there were still certain restrictions put in place that reduced people’s ability to move as they want. The inability to get back to normal activity and routine has also played a role in the reduction of the crime rate for the period in issue. 

Furthermore, just like the reduction in property and violent crimes, there was also a reduction in the number of home burglaries and conversely, there was an unexpected increase in the rate of car thefts and burgling or commercial locations. Burglaries of buildings that were non-residential and mostly commercial increased by 38%. Again, crimes related to drug use and abuse witnessed a downward slide at the beginning of the lockdown, an unprecedented 65%. It began to attempt a rise but dived down again during the summer period. Within the same period, there was an increase in the number of shootings and homicides, however, it cannot be entirely and conclusively said whether they were a result of the pandemic lockdown or not. In Atlanta, a professor of Criminology was one of the victims of a shooting that occurred as a result of a scuttle from a pool party being organized by a neighbor. This incident happened in October of 2021 and that same week, the Atlanta police recorded 28 shooting incidents. The injury the professor sustained left him injured from his wrist to his elbow area. In an interview, he mentioned how he wasn’t at all surprised by the increase in shooting incidents in the community, as it had been expected by criminologists and public health experts. The city itself was one of the few cities that witnessed a dramatic rise in the incidences of homicides with the Federal Bureau of Investigation reporting a nearly 60% increase in the homicide figures for the year 2020. In conclusion, the rate of crime took unexpected turns throughout the lockdown however reducing crime will continue to require more effective crime control strategies and more effective policing methods.