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Search Criminal Records – Criminal Record Data

You can obtain information on registered sex offenders and other criminal activity if you search criminal records. When you search criminal records you will have information about crimes, misdemeanors and felonies readily available. Some department of Correctional services in many states disseminate criminal records to the public through media such as the Internet-you can find many companies who offer that service if you type in search criminal records in to most search engines.

Usually, juveniles are the only group in society that is not subject to dissemination their criminal history when you search criminal records. Some adults can also be eligible for non-disclosure of their information when they search criminal records through the process of record sealing or expungement. Some states have official “statewide repositories” that contain criminal history information contributed by the various county and municipal courts within the state.

Most companies obtain data from these repositories. When you search criminal records, keep in mind that these state repositories are usually accurate so long as the state requires and supervises the uploading of data from the local courts. Some states make reporting to the repository voluntary. The information obtained from these repositories can be incomplete and the use of this information has associated risks. The federal government maintains extensive criminal histories and acts as a central repository for all agencies to report their own data. NCIC (National Crime Information Center) is one such database.

Generally, and with a very few exceptions, the records compiled by the federal government are not made available to the private sector and/or consumers to use that as a source to search criminal records. Some private re-sellers claim to offer an NCIC record search. In most cases these claims are fraudulent. Though NCIC records may not be available to private sector companies, they still may hold very accurate criminal records bought from other reporting agencies.