State Criminal Searches

Advantage of National and State Criminal search is that it gives you more coverage ground compare to County Criminal Search and fast turn around time( instant) and it cost less, but County Criminal Search gives you more accurate and indepth information, because search are performed by a professional court researcher in the county chosen. if you have a good idea of what city/county a person committed a crime in, or lived in for a substantial amount of years, conducting a county level search is your best bet. Most of our clients do National or State search before they go in to county level. Provides convictions that occurred during the last 7 years.

Summary of Statewide Database Search: This search is an instant search that is statewide is most states. It searches a database of convicted criminals and a national registered sex offender search. Most states have Felony and Misdemeanor records and other states have only Felony. A few states also include county records and driving records.

Felonies are usually crimes that are punishable by at least one year of jail time. Misdemeanors are less severe charges punishable by a fine or jail time of less than one year.

No Claims are made as to the integrity of the index databases: the databases come directly from the states. Each state reports different information. These searches are for reference use only and should not be used for pre-employment screening unless accompanied with a county criminal search, or for extensions of credit or any other financially related background investigation. The case information returned is limited, and should be researched further for details and verification. This information found may or may not constitute a complete record check for your subject.