County Criminal Report

A county-level search is performed by a professional court researcher in the county chosen. The county researcher goes to the chosen county and searches in-person on-site manually (more accurate). This is the reason why it takes longer to get the result back. County search could find records that statewide searches do not find, as the records could have emerged within the past thirty days. Statewide searches are only as reliable as the people updating the new data into the central repository. Therefore, a county-level search could come up with records that were never uploaded to the state database.

The county level search is the most indepth and accurate independent search for a specific area. This search will send a court researcher to the county courthouse. They perform a “Hand Search” of the Court’s Index and Dockets. A county criminal record search includes a seven-year search for misdemeanor and felony records. Traffic and Summary offenses filed in Justice, Magistrate or Mayor’s courts are generally not included. Most counties provide both felony and misdemeanor records. Usually charges and convictions are available.

Statewide Criminal Database searches cover a larger area than a typical County Search, but the County Search may be more accurate and complete. Felonies are usually crimes that are punishable by at least one year of jail time. Misdemeanors are less severe charges punishable by a fine or jail time of less than one year.